Jordyn Alexandria Olivas


Charles David Partheymuller

Fun Stuff for the Bride and Groom

Need Your Help with Photos!

Please take a minute prior to the events and download the VERI app. Once you register, you can use the Event IDs for the different events and VERI will automatically share your photos with the Bride and Groom. Gone are the days of cameras on each table. With the VERI app, Jordyn and Charley will have access to all of the candid moments that the photographer will probably miss. Imagine waking up the day after your wedding to find hundreds or thousands of photos from your friends and family of things you may have missed. We encourage EVERYONE to participate for the Shower, Rehearsal Dinner and the Ceremony & Reception. If you prefer to only participate in select events, thats OK. Each event has a different Event ID with specific hours selected to auto-share so once the event is over, the auto-sharing stops!

Here are the Event IDs:
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Ceremony & Reception JORDYNCHARLEY
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toast & laurel